About Us

My name is Brahim and I was born in the Sahara desert, in a large family line of Bereber nomads that have spent all their life moving from one place to another. I spent my early childhood living with my family as nomads in the desert until we moved to M’hamid, the last town before the Sahara desert, to start school. It was a difficult transition for me as I was used to living in a peaceful and often silent environment in the desert. Living amongst civilization was challenging for me. So I left school at the age of 15 and moved back to the desert with my cousins. I have lived here for 4 years and once again feel at peace and in harmony with my surroundings. Living in the Sahara is where I truly belong.

Returning to the silent and quiet surroundings in the desert made me feel free again. There I found myself, my mind opened once more and I felt I could think clearly. I understood that my heart and my soul belong to the sand dunes and that I didn’t want to live far from this magical land again.

Discover Sahara was born from my love and knowledge of the desert. Through the Sahara camel trek and the Sahara 4×4 tour I want to share with you more than just a beautiful landscape. Contained within these dunes lies an ancient style of life and gives you the chance to discover the inner peace that lies within you, as you let go of the modern pressure and pace of life and succumb to the silent and peaceful surroundings.

Owner and manager

The Team

The rest of the Discover Sahara team are long-standing colleagues and friends who know and love the desert as deeply as myself. I only handpick people that I trust and know well to ensure you a safe and unforgettable Sahara camel trek and Sahara 4×4 tour. Some of them are:

Camp keepers, cooks and musicians

Sahara Camel trek guide and chef

Sahara 4×4 tour driver and guide