Stay in our camp

We live in a traditional Bereber camp located 2km from M’hamid town, in front of a wonderful landscape of sand dunes. Staying with us will offer you a fascinating insight into local nomadic life. We love to welcome people and share our way of life, from drinking mint tea to inviting you to share an evening of entertainment as we play music around the fire under the stars.

On site there is a bathroom and a toilet, we have electricity to charge your devices and we even have a phone signal. Who would have thought it, a phone signal in the Sahara! We try our best to cater for your needs and electricity and phone signal are powered by a solar panel system. Accommodation is comfortable beds in private mud huts. You only have to open your window to see views of the sand dunes. Some days there may even be a camel outside! Staying with us will provide you with a real authentic insight into nomadic life. But if you prefer to stay in a hotel before and after the desert trip we will be happy to help you to make arrangements.

Prices are:
1 person – 17 Eur/night includes dinner+breakfast
2 people – 30 Eur/night incudes dinner+breakfast