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Discover Sahara With Us


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We are a local company specialised in Sahara tours around M’hamid (zagora). Mhamid is a small oasis where people live in a traditional way. It is a safe area, located in the south of Morocco, and it is the most important Moroccan Sahara desert door. Mainly famous for the beauty of Erg Chigagga, 40km of golden sand up to 300 meters high that does not disappoint the visitor.

Erg Chigaga is located at 60 km from Mhamid and you can get there either by  a 4×4 tour or by  a camel trek . Less known, but also interesting and beautiful is Erg Ezhar, 40 km from Mhamid and only accessible by a 4 day camel trek.

Our team is lead by Brahim Labdaa and formed by Saharan camel trek guides and Saharan 4×4 tour drivers, cooks, musicians and others. All of us are Berber people born in the Sahara desert. We know and love every corner of this land, its customs, traditions and people. Our knowledge of the area allows us to offer you an unforgettable Sahara experience that will touch your heart.

On our website you will find different options to begin your Saharan tour in safe hands. The tours we offer are specifically designed so that you can have an authentic desert experience. We currently offer camel treks of 1 night, 4 nights or 6 nights and  4×4 tours to Erg Chigaga. However, the Sahara desert covers a large surface of land, so if you want to take a longer  camel trek or if you have something special in mind, we can tailor your  tour to your preferences. Just contact and ask us to make your dream a reality.

You can hire a Saharan 4×4 tour or a Saharan camel trek for the dates you want and for the number of people you would like. We work with individuals as well as with large groups and we adapt to your rhythm and needs.

In addition to Sahara tours, Discover Sahara offers you the possibility to live with us for as long as you want in our Berber camp and to know the traditional nomadic life. In our camp we have a bathroom and a toilet. We have electricity to charge your devices and a phone signal. We have comfortable privet mud huts overlooking the dunes which allow you to have an authentic nomadic Saharan experience.